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Natural fibre clothing

Goddess on the Go creates women’s travel clothes, petite to plus size, made from lightweight eco-friendly Lenzing Modal® fabric.

How can 10 items weighing less than 2 kilos add up to 30 different outfits?

Our easy-care dresses, skirts, pants, tops and jackets are made from lightweight, eco-friendly Lenzing Modal® fabric, making them perfect travel clothing: a 10-piece easy-pack, mix-and-match travel wardrobe weighs as little as 2 kilos!
Just a few carefully chosen pieces packed in a cabin bag can take you on a long weekend or a trip lasting weeks, giving you a variety of complete outfits to cover all occasions and activities.
Check our Goddess on the Go collections and create your own versatile wardrobe for
  • cruise wear,
  • resort wear,
  • business and leisure travel.

Lenzing Modal® fabric is softer than cotton, more comfortable to wear in any climate.
Pick up a luxuriously soft and comfortable Goddess on the Go outfit for the plane too: you’ll look fresh after a full day’s traveling, ready for your vacation or business meeting. So you can pack lightly and travel comfortably too! Lenzing Modal® fabric is softer than cotton and more comfortable to wear in any climate.

Can I layer this lightweight clothing for both warm and cool climates?

Layer our lightweight clothing for cool climates and shed a layer to beat the heat. They are easy-care: just hand wash and drip dry – the fabric is stain resistant, sheds wrinkles quickly and stays soft washing after repeated washing
The softest, most luxuriously comfortable easy-care natural fabric, eco-friendly Lenzing Modal® made from the cellulose of Beech trees plantation-grown in Europe.
  • It feels softer next to the skin than cotton,
  • absorbs 50% more moisture and releases it more quickly,
  • making it more comfortable to wear in any climate.

Goddess on the Go’s easy-travel eco-friendly women’s clothing styles drape divinely to flatter both curvy petites and plus sizes.
Use these buttons to start you on your way to some beautiful items that will be the envy of your friends.